It is just annoying to receive phone calls from people who do not know what they are talking about. Or, not being able to speak with the suitable person you are trying to get a hold of. It just turns out to be useless and a waste of time.


Practicing proper courtesy when receiving or making a phone call is essential in any transaction in the Tax Delinquent Investment business. It is ideal and important that you attend to each phone call you receive. But if circumstance won’t allow it, you better switch your voicemail of I actually use software that allows me to make every single one of my callers feel attended to even if I can’t personal pick up the phone. Key thing is, if you happen to be in a position to take phone calls, then always try to take it. If you missed a phone call and you retrieve it via your voicemail, call them right back. If you happen to have a hectic day with very minimal time to answer calls make sure to check your messages once you’re available and phone them back. Chances are, if the calls are still fresh, say 5 to 10 minutes old, then they might still be available. If they’re unavailable, make sure you leave them a voicemail they can understand easily. Contacting them the soonest possible time wouldn’t give them a chance to jeopardize their interest with your offer and willingness to sell the property. This is very important in Tax Delinquent Investments. Strike while the iron is hot. You wouldn’t want to play cat and mouse with a prospective seller. Time is of an essence.


You maximize the efficiency of making phone calls by making sure that you get in touch with them the soonest possible time. While phones are one of the best communication tools in this business, technology has given us another powerful tool. Email. It might be best to also get a hold of your seller’s email address, especially if you have been unsuccessful in contacting them by phone. This will really help you get hold of them. It can be powerful when you need to get some clarifications and verifications. Phone calls are personal and turns a seller into a business contact, if done right. It actually makes your life easier. All you need to do is to practice and in no time you’ll be at tiptop performance when phoning prospective sellers. Enhancing your skill to develop this is all to your advantage. Being courteous and diligent in the Tax Delinquent Investment business can take you a long way and eventually can lead you to success.

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