Why procrastination is so dangerous

Why procrastination is so dangerous

Procrastination can be more subtle and dangerous than you ever thought possible. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, scientists can peer into the inner workings of our brains. And they are shocked at what happens when we procrastinate.

Here’s an interesting blurb from a comedy website that bases their observations on real science:

Brain scans have shown that different parts of our brain light up when we're thinking of ourselves versus when we're thinking of other people. That part makes sense — your brain is partitioned out into separate regions for yourself and for everyone else because you have to look out for yourself first. But where it gets weird is that in some people, when they're asked to think about their future selves, the region that lights up is the one reserved for other peopleLogically, you understand that you're endangering the person you'll become, but subconsciously, your brain doesn't have the sympathy to spare for that poor slob, and just wants to enjoy [a] doughnut.

Don’t fall into the trap of putting off until tomorrow what must be done today. The work you put off WILL affect your future.

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