Quick Checks, Quick Cash

Quick Checks, Quick Cash

Buying properties that do not have zoning and environmental issues quickly sells. Checking the technical dimensions of the property is also an essential.

A quick check for zoning and environmental issues is a standard procedure to real property brokers, planners, developers, builders and even to a plain household buyer. Location for businesses or house is a big factor. Common characteristics of a good location are often on a flat terrain and flood-free. For business location, it should be in the commercial zones and along traffic areas for higher customer visibility. On the other hand, houses should be on a flat terrain, away from flood, landslides, earthquake faultlines, typhoon or tornado paths. For developers and planners, infrastructures should always have good geological dimensions and away from environmental reserves like forest, water, wildlife reserves.

Avoid building houses in wildlife reserves because human settlements disrupt the habitat. Avoid developing housing villages near an industrial zone because of potential pollutions, least, industrial noise pollution, that may harm community health. Avoid industries near water reserves to prevent water from being polluted. Avoid backyards with history of a gas station built on it because they most probably had harmful gas residues.

You can be 99.9% safe if you find properties off the dirt road or in a desert with less people in a week or 2 hours away from the city. They are safe because environmental issues are most improbable in these areas.

These are technical dimensions that need quick-check but it does not require you technical expertise. Such information are readily available online. Just check the list of brownfields or environmentally-challenged areas at www.secretlandprofits.com. Also get a plat map from datatree.com or dataquick.com. These 2 websites for subscription are national services of title companies. If you cannot subscribe, just call the county and request a plat map from them.

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