Quick Video Message From Honduras

Quick Video Message From Honduras

Hi there, Jack here back from vacation.

Here is some of the footage of my trip to Honduras (my wife’s home country).
I spent a few days in what has been voted the World’s best Eco Lodge, basically an assembly of 20 Luxurious Cabins in the middle of the rain forest.
The place is called “lodge at Pico Bonito” and has a pool, a GREAT restaurant, Bar, and get it, NO TVs, NO Internet and No Telephone.

I loved it.

[flv:https://jbmedia.s3.amazonaws.com/video/Honduras.flv 480 340]

Then I want to make you aware of a few things.


Last Week’s Webinar with Darius Barazandeh.
Darius layout out how you can protect yourself from liability and Taxes in this current economy.
IT was powerful and Really Entertaining.

You might be thinking, how can a webinar about Taxes and Legal stuff be entertaining?
Well find it out here.


2nd :

Brad Wozny’s www.realestatesyndicationsecrets.com
I just had the pleasure to have Brad walk me through in detail to all the 12 weeks of what he is going to teach.
I actually recorded a custom webinar with him.
As soon as that is uploaded to my webpage I will send you a notification.
In the meantime you can grab one of the few remaining spots on his 12 week course (it starts next week already) here


To your Success,


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