Richard Roop – Free and Clear Program Review

Richard Roop – Free and Clear Program Review

Have you tried talking to a bank about getting a loan lately?

If not you should try and my guess is you will appreciate this Product Review.

It has gotten so difficult to get any kind of bank loan that many real estate investors have just plainly given up on and have left the field to anyone with loads of Cash.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What most people forget is that 35-40% of all homes in the U.S. are owned Free and Clear (or almost free and clear). And these sellers are begging you to buy their home from them (their buyers can’t get a bank loan) and are even willing to finance you without a bank involved.

In his new Home Study Course Richard Roop has created a compact yet very usable and detailed program on how the average investor and even a new investor, attracted by the low prices in the current real estate market can get into the game in a low risk but high rewards kind of way.

Low Risk, because Richard Roop teaches how you can get deals with lots of equity in them, at prices and more important terms that beat any bank.

Low Risk, because you don’t ever have to talk to a bank to make them happen.

Low Risk because you will only enter into a deal if you know upfront that – It will cash flow – Exactly what profit you can reasonably expect from the deal. – How you can extract some or all of that profit not when you sell but when you buy. (how to get paid when you buy) Low Risk because you never need to put your credit rating at risk and never even talk to a bank. Low Risk because you don’t use any of your own money to make these happen.

High Reward, because Richard Roop teaches you in detail how you can – Calculate upfront what to offer to virtually lock in your profits. If you can’t get that price, then don’t buy the house. – Structure deals such that you often get $500 and even up to $1000 per house in positive cash flow. – Design the deal such that you get paid up front when you close.

If you can believe for yourself that it is possible to make $6,000 to $30,000 per deal targeting properties that have lots of equity and Free And Clear Properties then this Program might be the perfect fit for you.

This system fits the current environment of “Credit Crunch”, Bank Bailouts, and Tightened Lending requirements perfectly. Instead of complaining about the bad economy Richard Roop has come out with a killer program that allows you and anyone interested in taking advantage of this unique and narrow window of time and opportunity, to buy homes with better terms than anyone else and build a portfolio of free and clear homes that can provide the financial stability and wealth so many are looking for.

To get more details about how this program works click on the link below and watch the Free Video where Richard’s program is being explained in detail.

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