Roadblocks to Success – Bad Advice

Roadblocks to Success – Bad Advice

Bad advice can not only be a major roadblock to success, it can steer you in the opposite direction. When should you ask for advice and how do you know if it will work you?

Erica Jong, American author and teacher once said: “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.” If you’re looking for a moral loophole, a person to take responsibility for your decision or just an easy way out, this is not a sincere request for guidance and nothing good can come from it. Don’t try to avoid doing what you know is right.

However, when embarking on a new business venture there are bound to be times when you’re faced with new situations and you genuinely don’t know what to do. This is a legitimate time to ask someone with experience. Now, a small warning: not all successful people know what exactly got them their success and if they do, their formula might not necessarily be right for your situation.

Here are 3 things successful women had to say about getting advice:

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. said in her article The Difference Between Good and Bad Advice “Good advice is concrete – it has steps” This is very true. If all a person has to offer are platitudes, clichés, and positive mantras then it’s time to look for another mentor.

Columnist Erika Napoletano shared how she roots out bad advice: “When you've asked for advice and the person in front of you starts the advice fountain flowing with little to no context about you…” The best advice is preceded by thoughtful questions and a listening ear.

Finally Alex Cavoulacos, Founder of The Muse says she will never forget what her trusted mentor said on the subject: “The vast majority of advice you’ll be given in your life will be one of two types: Either ‘Do what I did’ or ‘Do what’s best for me right now.’ Make sure you take the time to identify if either is the case before taking the advice at face value.”

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