Roadblocks to Success – Procrastination

Roadblocks to Success – Procrastination

Are you procrastinating reaching your dreams? You will never reach your dreams if you don’t take the first step.

Have you purchased one of my programs? Have you sent out your first batch of letters to people who might be interested in selling? If not, why? Have you become a victim of procrastination?

This bad habit can stop you from fulfilling your potential and achieving success in life.

Even the best jobs have tiresome or unexciting phases, once you've completed these tasks you can focus on the more pleasant phases that you enjoy.

Here are some tips for nipping procrastination in the bud:

Get organized: List what you need to do, how important each task is and when it is due. A common mistake that procrastinators make is that they underestimate how much time it will take to complete a task. Don’t fall into this trap. Having a realistic view of how long it will take to finish an item on your to do list will help you know when to start working on it.

Avail yourself of positive peer pressure. Tell someone what you plan to accomplish today. When someone assigns you a task, ask them to follow up with a reminder.

Break up large tasks into smaller more manageable steps. Many of the jobs we put off big, time-consuming jobs. Because nobody has loads of extra free time just lying around waiting to be use up, we often procrastinate because we think: “I don’t have time to start that project.” However if we divide the job into steps, we probably won’t feel so intimidated.

Stop leave jobs for future you. An article on the subject in Psychology Today says procrastinators tend to “overestimate how motivated they will feel” in the future. The same old boring task won’t seem more interesting and exciting to future you, but you can be sure future you will thank you for crossing that item off your To-do list today.

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