Selling the Property

Selling the Property

Selling a property often requires skill, and to acquire this skill, you need a strong platform of real estate education. Building wealth in real estate deals is certainly tricky but not vary difficult if you solid real estate investing education.


Promoting your properties

Whether you are broker or just an individual that wants to sell your own property, you should take some time to learn some basic real estate marketing techniques. With the advent of innovative marketing tools, the task has been much easier. Nevertheless, you have to be careful while choosing the appropriate one.


You can also advertise on the Internet, there are many sites you can post on, or you can just make your own site. For a small fee, you can list properties on sites like or Selling on e-bay will no get you the highest selling price, but you can use owner finance techniques to ensure profitability, or you can do a reserve auction. Make sure you have clear terms on you listings and include things like the amount of time the purchaser has to pay for the property and how closing will be handled.


Keep your documentation perfect

Just make sure all your agreements are legal.  When you have a buyer you can do the closing at a title company or you can do it easily yourself.  Either way it is a good idea to require that the buyer pays the closing costs. You can issue a deed yourself, check with an attorney on the legality in your state. is another site for selling properties and is also a good source for buying tax deed sale properties.  There are auction sites all over, just Google “land auctions” and see what comes up.  Real Estate continuing education courses will help you a lot regarding keeping these papers up-to-date.


Check your comfort levels

You should start where you are comfortable working at, don’t start out in a state which is 5 states away from where you live. At least, when first starting out, you should work locally because you will want to be able to see the properties to make sure that they show as they are described. If you can find a local auctioneer who also auctions real estate consider selling through him. A good auctioneer is worth his weight in gold.  You can just hand it to him and say sell this for me, they get a fee for this, but usually it sells.


Another option you have is to list with a realtor. This usually takes more time, between advertising, sales; closing happen anywhere from 30 up to 1080 days but it will usually sell. One thing to note is that if you do go with a realtor you will have to pay a hefty commission to the when the property sells. Still if you have the equity to do this and still may a good profit this is a great hands free and effective option.


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