Some Helpful Tips For Tax Lien Auctions!

Some Helpful Tips For Tax Lien Auctions!

What to Do to bring home the Big Bucks.

Who does not need a guaranteed quick buck? Anyone in the auction day may be thinking that it is full of risk. But I am going to tell you how to be risk-free in this investment opportunity. Tax delinquent investing is not as scary as you think it would be.

When you go to an auction sale for tax lien properties you must make certain that you have money in a form of a cashier’s check. You must register earlier. Remember the auctioneer must get a clear view of you so you must sit up in front of the place where he will be standing. Never sit on the back, if you do not want to miss things out.

Competition is around during auction sale day so I suggest that you bring in some friends for support, have them register separately. Citing them clear instructions on what properties to bid on and when the perfect time to depart is. The key is that in some cases they do not go to zero, but if they only have a few people left they do not do the bidding all the way down. The auctioneer sometimes just picks somebody to give the property to if it reaches a certain level. If you have several people sitting in the room then you have a higher chance of getting the property.

A technique that some people do is they wait and keep a little extra money available for tax lien certificates going up for sale towards the end of the auctions. Because very often a lot of people do not wait until the end of the auction for various reasons. They might have depleted all their funds or they are just tired and need to go home. So what you have if enough people leaving the auction early is all of a sudden at the very end of the auction you get to have some really nice tax lien certificates being left over and nobody there to bid on them. Especially if it goes a little bit over time and some people are institutional investors. They might leave the auction early and take off. Then you are basically left with just a few people there, hopefully alone. So try to wait for the auction to be over. Stay the whole time. You can take a break in the middle of it, bring a book to read and finish off with a big bang, or should I say Big Bucks.

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