Some info about my GREAT programs.

Some info about my GREAT programs.

As you might know, over the years I have produced a variety of programs to help folks make money with real estate. Each program focuses on a different method, and I have heard so many success stories from those who have purchased them.

From time to time, people ask me to explain a little about my programs – what the principles and methods behind each one are and how each program can be used to make money. So I thought that I would take a minute today and give a brief overview of some of my most popular programs. 

Land profit generator: This is my flagship program. It teaches the method that I still use to make the majority of my money today – showing you how to used county land ownership records to contact owners of vacant parcels who might be willing to sell them for pennies on the dollar. Then it walks you through the buying and flipping process.


Hidden Tax Sale Cash (HTSC): This program uses a little known law on the books of most tax deed states which allows the owner of property auctioned off by the county to claim any overages. In other words, the county can only keep $X from the sale of any given property. Any money received over and beyond that amount is available to be claimed by the most recent owner. This program teaches you how to purchase tax delinquent properties from their owners just before the auction and then collect the overage from the county tax sale.


Flip It Fast FormulaFlip it Fast Formula (FIFF): This program uses county homeowner lists to find folks who might be willing to sell their house for a discount. Most of these houses are in distressed condition, so the point isn’t for you to fix and flip them but to sell them to contractors who have the necessary skills. Essentially, you become a house wholesaler for contractors in your area.


Tax Sale guides: These are state-specific guides that explain how property tax delinquency is handled in each state and what investment opportunities they present. It breaks down the process for tax-lien and tax-deed states and gives various methods for making money from each one.


Land for Pennies Gold: This is a special club that any of my students can join – no matter which programs they have purchased. Gold Members get a special CD of the month, access to special interviews and how-to videos, are invited to a monthly live Q&A session, and much more. 


I hope that this info helps and I also hope that you have already purchased one of these programs. I don’t say that as a salesperson, I say that as someone who genuinely believes in the products that he has put together.

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