Success comes from being consistent

Success comes from being consistent

For years now, I have been putting on live events, hosting webinars, and selling educational programs – all of which revolve around real estate investing. In particular, I have established myself as an expert in the area of tax delinquent real estate, and I continue to do deal every day of the week using the very same methods that I teach.

But from time to time a student of mine reaches out to say that they haven’t quite reached the level of success that they had hoped for when starting my program. Or worse yet, they may not have even completed a single deal in the months since attending one of my live events or buying one of my educational systems.

After speaking with several of these people, I have found that most of them have a few factors in common, and in my next few blog posts I will share what some of their these common mistakes were and how they held my those students back from really making a success of my methods.

Mistake #1: Not being consistent.

My very first coaching student and dear fried Vince Cannone did 19 deals in just 15 months, bringing in over $400,000 in profits! Even though he has since passed away, his wife still benefits from the deals that he did. But why was Vince so successful?



Let me explain.

Vince viewed his real estate investing as something more than a hobby – he viewed it as a business that he needed to be consistent with if he wanted to see real results. With that goal in mind, he made a weekly schedule and stuck to it, sending out letters on Thursday nights and researching properties and making offers on Saturday mornings (he was still working as a travelling salesman back then and was limited with his time).

Week in and week out, Vince stuck with his schedule, and soon he was making a deal every few weeks, creating cash flow and seeing real results for his hard work.

If you haven’t yet seen the level of success that you would like to reach, then take a lesson from Vince: make a weekly schedule and STICK WITH IT, knowing that your consistency is an important part of the recipe for success.


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