Tax Delinquent Investment Basic Questioning Matters to ask Tax Lien Property Sellers

Tax Delinquent Investment Basic Questioning Matters to ask Tax Lien Property Sellers

When a tax delinquent owner calls you, there are a few questions you have to ask them, especially when you already have them on the line.  It is obvious you have to know who they are and why they are calling you. If they fail to be detailed about which property they are talking about for you to distinguish which one they own, go ahead and ask them, it’s perfectly fine to do that. Secondly, you ask for the state where the property is located in.  Another important question you have to ask is the county where the property is located in. These are the basic things that you will need to properly identify their property. Of all the letters you have sent out expressing your interest, I am quite sure it would be difficult to know right away which property they are speaking of unless you ask these basic questions. The data you collect straight from the owner is the data you will be encoding into your spreadsheet records in Microsoft Excel.


            Remember that it would always be ideal to talk to the actual owner of the Tax Delinquent property. Not a relative or a friend because they could mix up things and create confusion in your recorded spreadsheet. You also need to confirm their address. If the seller has moved away and the letter was mailed to an old address and went through a mail forwarding process, it would take weeks to get to them or even might be returned to you by the post. Knowing their current mailing address will help in speeding things up in the Tax Delinquent Investment business.


            Ever heard about snow birds? That’s another thing you have to be aware of. These people are from the upper states where it gets really cold in the winter. They come to live down south to spend their winters there to avoid the frostbitten weather.  Then during the springtime, they go back up to their northern residences. Believe it or not, the county office has a record of them. You should probably keep a record of them as well. You might want to send them a letter at some point and you could be sending the letter to their northern address during the winter. They won’t get it until they come back in the spring. At that point, someone has beaten you to that Tax Delinquent Investment property. When you have a property delinquent over the phone make sure you clarify it with them where they would like you to send them the offer to, or ask them if they have another residence they stay at during winter months.


            Towards the end of the phone conversation, you might want to ask them: “How many properties are we talking about?”  Is this the only property they want to let go of for taxes or do they have more properties they want to add to their list?” You never know, they might just give you a list of properties they are willing to unload. This would be a jackpot for the Tax Delinquent Investor, YOU.


            Before you let them go, or hang up the phone, try to sneak in a little question regarding their Tax Delinquent property. Try to find out if they happen to know how much they owe in back taxes. If you get them to answer this tiny little question then it would cut your work for you in trying to estimate how much you would offer for this property. Knowing what questions to ask a tax delinquent will help you reduce the amount of time you have to spend in hard research. You have them on the phone and they can practically hand you pertinent information on a silver platter. Tax Delinquent Investing is like riding a bike. If you learn and master the basics, then you’ll never have to worry about falling off.

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