The Bigger List or Smaller List?

The Bigger List or Smaller List?

Knowing how to find properties that are currently delinquent for nonpayment of property taxes is a must for a successful Tax Delinquent Investor. There are two ways of getting that. You can go for a smaller list, or you can go for a bigger list. What I have been teaching so far is really going for the bigger list. This is the list of the entire tax roll, meaning every single detail about the property which you usually get from the treasurer’s office. Or you go for the assessment roll, which is also sometimes called the tax roll.

In most counties the language is really inaccurate. If you ask the assessor for the assessor’s roll they might also refer to it as the tax roll. But, ask them for the entire property roll. Either one of those will give you a list of every single delinquent property available in the county.

The smaller list is a list of all properties that is coming up for tax lien sale. Included in this list are also those properties that have gone through tax lien sale. Remember it is not just what is left over. Left over properties are not typically good especially if you are working in a populated county. But, you can work with it and buy from that too. Going for the smaller list is easier especially when you are just starting out. Use it to help you build some confidence as a Tax Delinquent Investor. Build some knowledge in the area of that investing method. As you will notice then over time, you will see that after doing a couple deals, sending a few letters, and getting some responses off of the properties you got from the smaller list, you start getting more comfortable with the business. At any rate, one you feel that you now have an eye for the right kind of tax delinquent investment property; any of these lists will get you success and get you properties.

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