The Land For Pennies SIX-Week Teleworkshop

The Land For Pennies SIX-Week Teleworkshop

Starting On Thursday March 13, 2008 – SIX Weeks of 3-4 hours
training on the phone with me. It will be usually about 2-3 hours of me teaching
and then 1-2 hours of Q&A Live on the phone with me. You can ask me any
question you want and I will answer it right there and then.

You will walk away with all the tools needed for a complete real estate investing
system allowing you create real estate profits on demand. Once you implement
this system, you'll make BIG FAT PROFITS in CASH, create a constant MASSIVE
CASH FLOW every month, of easily in excess of $10,000 – $20,000. Plus you
will amass a multi-million dollar retirement portfolio of land and houses,
owned by YOU Free and Clear!)

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