The significance of tax delinquent letters

The significance of tax delinquent letters

When a property becomes delinquent, some homeowners are not aware that there are options available to them. That is the purpose why you are sending these letters to the owners of properties with delinquent taxes. In Tax Delinquent Investing, you have to learn to develop the right tone in writing correspondence so that you won’t scare the recipient when they receive it. In this case, you don’t want to freak out the delinquent property owner. The letter should be neutral and not intimidating. The letter should also be informative, telling the property owners that there are available options and that if they are interested on these options to contact you.

Your source of information is the tax delinquent roll, which must not be older than three weeks, at most.

Your letter may look like this:

“Dear Mr./Mrs. X, The records of the County Assessor’s Office show that your property in XYZ county and XYZ state is currently delinquent for non-payment of property taxes. Non-payment of these taxes could lead to the issuing of a tax lien and the subsequent foreclosure of the property through tax lien foreclosure. However, there are various options available to you. I will be happy to discuss these options with you. Just give me a call to set up an appointment at your convenience. I have many happy customers.”

You should evaluate the value of your tax delinquent letters based on the response from property owners. Lack in response could either mean that your letter is not neutral enough to generate interest from property owners, or your contact list is not complete or accurate, or you targeting the wrong market.

Part of being successful in Tax Delinquent Investing is being able to gauge which tone to use in communicating with the tax delinquent. In any situation, it is never easy to know that you have responsibilities you have let go, so for that property owner with delinquent property taxes, this is never a pleasant moment. What you are doing is trying to help them turn that disappointment into a more positive outlook by giving them options in what they can do next. You are offering ways than can save them a bit, and maybe keep their financial standing in a much better condition than when it’s been left for too much time and forgotten. Once you have found your rhythm then you will see that you would just be waltzing your way to a successful Tax Delinquent Investment Business.

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