Looking For the Good Green

Looking For the Good Green

Checking for brownfields or environmentally-critical areas is a must in filtering the list of tax delinquent properties. Filtering will direct you to the right property and prevent your from unnecessary inspection of all properties. www.datatree.com and www.dataquick.com could well provide you the list of brownfields, but the following quicklist could guide you verify online references during property tours:

Here follows are the key areas to check:
1. Solid waste;
2. Industrial pollution;
3. Slum areas;
4. Flooding;
5. Water quality;
6. Forest cover;
7. Soil erosion;
8. Wildlife population;
9. Land uses;
10. Air and noise pollution;

Generally, check the following qualities in each key area:
1. Solid waste: volumes of waste, disposal system, dumpsite location;
2. Industrial pollution: number, location and type of industries;
3. Slums areas: population of illegal settlers, location
4. Flooding: location, frequency, causes;
5. Water quality: water quality, volume, sources;
6. Forest cover: location;
7. Soil erosion: location;
8. Wildlife: population, location:
9. Land uses: types;
10. Air and noise pollution: sources; type, magnitude

Above are not technical information that require expert opinions or explanations. They are widely observable during tours. So, take notes on these aspects. Buyers definitely would not buy lands that are often flooded with a nearby dumpsite area. Farming groups would also not invest in farmlands if there are no sufficient water in the area. Housing developers as well will not plan their villages beside an industrial park.

Checking the key points above is a must, further, because human settlement is intended to be safe and environmentally sound. Taking the dire effort to save our environment, understanding the environment is a good step to participate. Settlements should not only be far from these man-made pollutions and devastations, but also act on them. Look and understand these brownfields and find the good greens.

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