The significance of tax delinquent letters

The significance of tax delinquent letters

A Tax Delinquent Investor should know how to write a delinquency letter to a property owner if they ever want to be successful in this game. Tax delinquent letters should be sent appropriately. You should be aware to whom to send it to because if it gets mixed up with other letters you will probably get some unwanted negative feedback. I use 3 different types of letters and I make sure I use the appropriate one depending on the contact list I have and in which state I am working in.

You can think of writing a tax delinquent letter only when you have the tax delinquent roll. That roll contains all the properties currently delinquent for non-payment of property taxes within a county. This list must be recent, meaning it is new and up-to-date. It can be no more then one to two weeks old, three weeks in the absolute maximum.

The letter that you might be sending will probably look like this:

“Dear Mr./Mrs. X, Due to public records I have been made aware that your property in XYZ county and XYZ state is currently delinquent for non-payment of property taxes. If you have already found a way to solve this delinquency, that's great. If not this could lead to the issuing of a tax lien and the subsequent foreclosure of the property through a tax lien foreclosure. If you have found a way to resolve this, that's great. If you are not interested in your property anymore and would like to sell it to me, please contact me. I have many happy customers.”

Accuracy is key here. Your obtained tax delinquent roll must be fresh because you are after the tax delinquent property owners only. If it is more than 3 weeks old then there is a possibility that its owners may have paid their taxes already. Either way the owners decide to save it or have never planned to sell it anyway.

You should never send this kind of letter later than 3 weeks of getting the tax delinquent roll sheet. Owners can freak out. They will call you very upset and this could ruin your chance in the Tax Delinquent Investment arena. County office may even call you in response to the negative feedback they are getting form owners that paid their taxes 5 days prior but then received a letter form you saying that they were delinquent.

The good thing about delinquent letters is that they are effective. With an unpaid property tax on the property owners will usually be open to sell it to you. Even though this is a more aggressive approach, it is a highly effective and profitable one.

In this matter, timing is key. If you send too late it could be bad but as they say, the early bird gets the worm, the earlier you send the property owner a letter, the more chances you get to have the property for your tax delinquent investment.

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