The time I discovered Forever Cash…

The time I discovered Forever Cash…

One of the most amazing discoveries that I made on my path to financial independence was the existence of Forever Cash – the Holy Grail that makes anyone financially free forever. By now, you know that Forever Cash is cash for which you work once and get paid again and again and again … forever. Forever Cash is what virtually all the people who are wealthy and who sustain their wealth use.

When in 2012, Bob Parsons, founder of, the Phoenix, Arizona-based webhosting company, sold a part of his company for $2.25 billion, the news got around. Phoenix radio show hosts started speculating with their listeners what Parsons might do with his money. And while only about $1 billion of the $2.25 billion was money Bob Parsons actually received and then had to pay taxes on, it is still more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime.

What I found interesting is that about six months after that transaction was complete, newspaper articles showed up reporting that Bob Parsons bought one apartment building and commercial property after another. So instead of spending his money, he invested a larger part of it into Forever Cash–producing assets so that no matter what happens to the rest of the money he will have cash flow coming in forever and can maintain whatever lifestyle he chooses. Not that it will, but now, even could go bankrupt, and Parsons will have cash flow coming in forever. Even if he loses the rest of his cash that is not invested, he will still have large cash flow streams coming to him from his Forever Cash Assets.

By funneling a portion of his assets and income into Forever Cash Assets, Parsons made certain he is set for life at a high level. That is the Power of Forever Cash Assets. They provide cash flow for you, no matter what you do in life.

Examples of Forever Cash Flow–producing assets are:

  • You own shares of an established, dividend-paying company that has been around for a long time and is profitable.
  • You get paid forever for having created a network of subscribers for something people will need forever, like cell phones or electricity.
  • You own farm land and lease it to a farmer.
  • You own a rental house, an apartment complex, or a commercial property, and you lease it.
  • You own and lease a piece of land to a cell phone company or a billboard company for their rights to put up a cell phone tower or a billboard.
  • You own a piece of land with a mobile home on it. The owners of the mobile home pay you a land lease to have their mobile home on the property.
  • You own a piece of an established limited partnership and get profit distributions each year. For as long as the partnership operates successfully (which could be forever), you get cash distributions every year.
  • You have intellectual property and license it out for a monthly fee or, if it is product-related, for an ongoing royalty.

When you have built more Forever Cash than what you currently need to live on, you are truly financially secure and independent for your lifetime and even for past your lifetime.

All it takes is to learn a few rules and procedures. It’s not difficult at all – but it does take the willingness to learn.

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