The Truth About Real Estate Investing Clubs By Jack Bosch

The Truth About Real Estate Investing Clubs By Jack Bosch

What is a real estate investing club? These are organizations of people who are interested in meeting together to find the best real estate investing opportunities. In most cases these clubs do not pool their resources to make investments but exist more for networking, exchanging ideas and tips and entering into deals with each other to find and execute successful real estate investment opportunities. Often, these clubs might have workshops or some kind of training that can help people who are just starting real estate investing.

It’s easy to find real estate clubs online in your area. Make sure to attend a few meetings before you commit to anything and, if possible, see if there’s anything about the group online that you should be aware of. But mostly, make sure you have a good sense of these people. It should feel right.

I have been a member of a real estate club for almost 10 years and my experience has been good. But it is also one of, if not the most, professionally run clubs in the country. It offers GREAT education at very reasonable cost and is the best place for beginning investors (and advanced ones) to meet, learn, network and get the help they need to complete deals. Some people who attend have money and no deals, some have deals and no money and some have knowledge, but no money and no deals and some are beginners. From these four groups everyone can find someone to partner with, learn from, and network with.

These can be helpful places for someone who is new to real estate investing. But here’s the thing. Most of them will ask for dues to join. Make sure before you commit any money to any club or training program that you check it out thoroughly. As someone who trains people in real estate investing myself, I’ve seen many, many scams out there – promising too much for too much money.

One reason I try to do as many in-person seminars as I can every year is so I can meet people face-to-face. Even though my own course is available online, I still think this is the best way to get a sense of a person. The bottom line is, always do your homework. Know who you’re dealing with.

I’m curious: have you ever been a part of a real estate investing club? Was it worth your time? Worth the price? Please leave your comments below.

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