The value of people who say “no”

The value of people who say “no”

Are you surrounded by “yes men”? If so, then they might be destroying your team and blinding you to bad ideas (yes, even great leaders have bad ideas from time to time).

Check out this information about the value of people who say “no” when they need to:

However, when you start to say ‘yes’ to everything without a filter and never turn down anything from upper management, you’re in danger of becoming a yes-man or yes-woman. And that is not a good thing.
A yes-man refers to someone of unquestioning obedience, one who slavishly agrees with a superior.

It gets worse. When you adopt a yes-man attitude, it doesn’t just serve as a potential setback in advancing your career, but it can also directly impact your team and their level of engagement with the company.

We’re not advising you to go from yes-man to no-man, but adding the word ‘no’ to your vocabulary could help you be a more effective manager.

Interesting stuff, right?

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