This stuff really works… and you can streamline it!

This stuff really works… and you can streamline it!

I can stand up on a soap box all day long and try to convince you that my programs really do work. I can show you documents from recent and current deals, I can show you pictures of the house that my deals have purchased for me, and I can post pictures from the vacations that my investments pay for.

But I don’t think that will really convince you, will it?

I think that you would rather hear from someone who once sat where you are sitting now: someone who saw my programs and asked themselves whether or not they were of value before finally taking the plunge and investing in an education.

That is what I have tried to do with these past few blog posts. I have tried to include some fascinating comments from past and present students that show specifics about my programs and the kind of results you can expect to see if you work consistently and follow my instructions closely.

That brings me to some comments from one a student who enrolled Platinum Coaching program, where we spent time one-on-one learning the program, analyzing deals, and streamlining the process. Her name is Renee Riker, and she and her daughter are from Southern California.


Renee explained how the coaching program helped her get her feet under her and how all of her questions were answered. But my favorite part of this video is when Renee shares the results from her FIRST YEAR of investing in land the way I do it:

So far, I’ve sold about $90,000 worth of land this first year!

Not bad, right?

How would your life be changed if you could increase your income in 2015 by “about $90,000”?

My programs work. If you haven’t invested in your own education yet, why not? What is holding you back?

You can make excuses or you can make money. But you can’t make both.

Stop making excuses.

Start making money.


Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


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