Three Days To Success

Three Days To Success

Imagine the mere possibility of buying tax delinquent real estate for peanuts and then reselling them for 50 times the price you paid for it all in the same month. Now think of how you can profit from real estate without ever leaving your job, or having to invest your life's savings in it.

This is Not Get –Rich- Quick Scheme

Unlike the so-called get-rich-quick schemes out there that are created by the ever-increasing real estate hype, my “Land For Pennies Intensive Workshop” gives you the practical knowledge for becoming successful in the tax delinquent real estate investing arena. If you have tried many methods and read countless books explaining the theory of successful real estate business to no avail, you must hear me out…

What is “Land For Pennies” all about?

Walk in to my office in Phoenix, Arizona for one of my workshops and my team and I will introduce you to the world of making millions. We will give you all the knowledge and practical know-how to create your own tax delinquent real estate kingdom. When you've implemented the system we teach you, you'll make massive profits, clear the way to a constant source of monthly income and you'll collect a retirement portfolio of real estate owned by you; legally and free of any title claims or mortgages.

You only need the desire to learn how to do it. We give you all the tools you need to become a tax delinquent real estate champion in no time at all. As part of the three-day workshop, you get the knowledge, tools, software, contracts and access to my personal list of buyers.

How It Works?

How do we help you with all of this? By showing you, hands on. We give you in-depth knowledge about how the system works and walk you through our operation from the ground up.

Here is your Opportunity

If you have thought about investing in real estate, the only reasons you've held back all this time would be because of the lack of information and or the fear of losing your hard-earned money. With our three days to success workshops, I will guide you through a proven and guaranteed successful system to realize your financial dreams. I myself was a struggling immigrant from Germany only a few years ago. I came to America with only 2 suitcases to my name and from there I grew my real estate business and realized the American dream. Over 5,000 transactions later I have decided to share my proven techniques so that you too can obtain your goals and find success through real estate.

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