Time and success

Time and success

There is a saying: “Most people vastly overestimate what they can do in one year and vastly underestimate what they can do in five or ten years.”

The passing of time can achieve results with our money that, in our own power, we could never hope to attain. The rich have learned to see the big picture for every dollar they spend. They recognize the potential of even seemingly small purchases and transactions to carry them closer or push them further away from their financial goals. That is the way that you have to learn to think as well, every minute of every day.

And even day-to-day, the way that we use our personal assets can make a big difference. Now, when I say “assets” I’m not just talking about making investments with money – I am talking about the way you administer your other limited resources.

See, you are in the asset allocation business. Along with your money, you have several other types of assets that need to be distributed out throughout your day and your life in order to achieve the most success. Among your personal assets are:

•  Your time

•  Your energy

•  Your attention

Be smart with your time. Use it well today, tomorrow, and for the next five or ten years.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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