Train like a Navy SEAL to be successful

Train like a Navy SEAL to be successful

I came across this interesting post by a former Navy SEAL. He puts his SEAL training to use in the business world in some very interesting ways.

Here’s an example from his website:

Combating danger is more about what happens between your ears than the amount of ammo you’re carrying or the gear you’ve stockpiled. A highly trained surgeon who becomes overwhelmed and anxious at a motor vehicle crash can’t properly apply his skills. A Navy SEAL is “always armed” because he has been trained in how to use his mind effectively during combat…In the interview Courtley mentions battle proofing, saying:

Both mentally and physically rehearsing for a dangerous situation is “huge,” what the military calls “emergency conditioning” or “battle proofing,” Courtley said. “From the military standpoint, as a soldier, before you go into combat you kind of close your eyes and you think about, ‘OK, I can expect it’s going to sound like this, it’s going to feel like this, it’s going to be chaotic, it’s going to be loud,’” he said.

It’s amazing how preparing yourself mentally can help you stay focused in any situation – even something as chaotic as combat.

I think there’s something to what the article says. Preparing yourself for potential challenges and temptations can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here is the full post.



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