Trusting your instincts is a natural habit in knowing whether you've got the capacity to make quick decisions or not. It makes decision making so easy if you trust your own judgement. If you just impulsively did something without thinking about it, chances are, you won’t succeed in whatever you decide to do. However, knowing when to use your instincts in any given moment to make quick decisions is a skill. A skill you continue to sharpen with experience. In your Tax Delinquent Investment Business it helps you become more focused, alert and goal oriented in proposing to the seller or a tax delinquent property. When do you use your instincts if you happen to be interested in a tax delinquent property that is about to be sold? Let’s say in 4 to 6 weeks.

You now use your instincts in thinking about what amount you should offer to buy that property. This is the time that you should use your better judgement in what letter you should be writing to the seller. Using the best type of tax delinquent investment letter when there is only limited time will ensure your position in acquiring the properties. Use a writing method in form of a letter that takes advantage of properties about to be sold. You will be sure to receive a couple of responses from the letters you’ve sent.

Owners of tax delinquent properties that are going to go up for county auction are usually just burdened with the property, etc. You might be able to purchase these properties for about $50 to $100, record the deed and then let it go for auction. You can then collect the excess proceeds in the future as profit.

Use your instincts and know your options. As we all know, as years go by, property values increase. It is always best to use your God-given instincts in investing. Of course we have to remember that these talents are not automatically discovered. You have to cultivate it and sharpen it. Just as we were given brains to use, our instincts have to be discovered. That can only be done if we have done the work and through experience. In my many years of experience, I have learned that if you follow your instincts and trust your gut feeling, you can make good and sound timely decisions. I have also learned that the timely decisions are the most profitable ones.

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