Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards

How your Tax Delinquent Investment can grow by referrals

In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, there are loads of possibilities you can get from property sellers. Not just a great deal and a good bargain but you can actually get more properties out of them by just merely asking.

When you finally find a seller, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have other properties that they are willing to give up. Chances are they might be dealing with more than one tax delinquent property and would get rid off it as same as the original property you have eyed on. Don’t stop at just getting one great deal but seek for more. You’ll never know if the seller has multiple properties out of state till you ask them.

Or, they know a family member or friend who’s also willing to give up their properties for all sorts of reasons. A friend must have gotten divorced and decided to sell the house to whoever is interested or the seller’s parents are planning to move to Florida to enjoy their retirement. You won’t lose anything if you just ask, so have the initiative to do so. In this business referrals can be very valuable. The sooner you get this type of information the sooner you can get hold of the owners and deal with them.

Always build rapport while talking to your seller especially if he or she endorses another property to you. That way you can have an initial description of the property the seller was referring to. Once you get a hold of the owner of the property you can always be vouched in by your seller. Plus, if you were friendly enough, you might actually get the chance to bargain less than what was offered. Always remember that they want to get rid off these properties to the point that at times they want to literally just give it away.

Advertisement is expensive nowadays and a penny saved is a penny that you can invest and therefore 20 pennies earned. You will be surprised at how one happy customer can lead to multiple clients. One happy seller can refer everyone they know to you because you have made a painful process pleasant. Always remember that a happy seller can be your walking billboard. They can be your free advertisement with a guarantee. Not only will they give you exposure but also a built-in credibility. Invest in making your clients happy and your Tax Delinquent Investment business will definitely always be in a positive limelight.

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