What can you do about competition at Tax Deed Auctions:

What can you do about competition at Tax Deed Auctions:

There are a few things you can do about competition at Tax Deed auctions.

  1. Look for more remote counties where less people live.

I find that people are lazy. They are not willing to drive 1-2-3 hours to for anything so they just go to their local Tax Deed Auction in their metropolitan city. But if you go to an auction where millions of people are living, more people are going to show up and competition increases. At the same time a higher density of population does not automatically mean that more properties are available for sale. On the contrary counties which are almost vacant of people often have tons of tax delinquent properties coming up for auction and since almost nobody lives there and the people from the big cities are too lazy to drive there for the auction, competition is minimal.

  1. Target properties that other people ignore.

There are some kinds of properties which a lot of investors are interested in and some which very few are. Instead of competing with everyone else for the few high dollar items and bidding these prices up to 70%-80% of market value or even higher you could focus on the lower priced properties perhaps located in more rural parts of the county which most investors would not be interested in. There are many different ways to sell these properties at huge profits of $5000, $10,000 or even more and turn them into an ongoing cash flow stream. This is an area most people overlook and where millions can be made. For more information please go to www.SecretlandProfits.com or www.LandforPennies.com

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