What does Jack do with the money?

What does Jack do with the money?

Since the day I have come out and shared my Land Investment Secrets
with the public I get the asked again and again
what do you do with the money I make?

Well for one I re-invest it in more Land and in other real estate.
But a nice part of it I also use to help others.

Here is where a lot of it goes (for example just last year I gave $25,000 to this place)
And this year it should be more than that.


Check it out.
It is a great place to put your money because this school doesn't just feed the poor
But instead it teaches the young and poor how to sustain themselves while giving them
A top education on par with most schools in the US (actually even bi-lingual)

Just wanted to share this with you.

Stay tuned for some GREAT emails coming this week and in the following weeks.


Here's what some students have to say about Jack's Training Programs...


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  • Garrett
    Posted at 19:50h, 29 October


    I appreciate your wider vision of your commitments beyond business. There are so many people out their with heart wrenching needs. I can relate to your particular commitment. My fiance is from Ecuador and for the past three years I’ve made similar commitments to the needs of the poor children of that country. As a result I have developed a strong interest in Latin America’s politics and economy including the current situation in Honduras. Your post is noteworthy and it provides insight as to what makes you tick beyond the dollars. Keep up the good work and please keep your unique land investor training coming; I depend on it.


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