What it is all about

What it is all about

I just finished watching a show on HBO about 4 young guys hanging out in Los Angeles
trying to make it in the world of Show Biz. You might know the show,
but even if not it doesn't really matter. It is about 4 guys who are best buddies
and would do anything to help each other and who went west to make their dreams come true.

I don't really watch TV very much but there was something
about that show that made me think because it reminded me of my
college years and the bond I had with my college buddies
(and still have although they are halve a world apart).

Perhaps you also remember the days where you had no plans other than to hang out
with your friends. I like just chilling and relaxing so much that I managed to stretch
my college time to a full 7 years long.

I just loved hanging out with my friends, spending afternoons in coffee shops, talking, going
to parties and just living the Carefree life only College Students can live.
In other words I was (and still am) fundamentally Lazy.

But one day I was faced with the prospect of soon having to get a real JOB,
something I obviously was dreading. I was about to finish my college degree in Germany
and the thought that I might have to get a Real Job made me cringe,
so I applied to a College in the US with the “true excuse” that If I want
to make anything of my self in the business world I needed to improve my English.
(which is true)

Now don't get me wrong.
My parents are not rich so that they could bankroll all these 7 years of college.
My dad is a (now Retired) high school teacher and my Mom is a Stay at Home mom.
But Education in Germany, where I am from, is FREE and I always did have side jobs
that paid for my living expenses.

I was a waiter, a Cashier, a Factory worker, a Runner, worked in the
Mailing Department, and even as a cable runner for some TV Shows.
Whatever Jobs I could get I did, just to stay away from a Real Job.
And the year in a college the US was in a fairly inexpensive school in
Illinois (although still a pretty good college)

And also I knew that some day this would have to end,
but somewhere deep in myself I resisted that.

And that was a good thing.
Because I resisted it so much I ended up always looking for a way to get my “old life back”
To be able to again just hang out with my friends or now my family vs. having to go to work every morning,
be someone else's subordinate (Aren't we all born Fre*e?)
And that ultimately lead to me creating my own business and designing my life
around my desired lifestyle not the other way around.

Now, being able to just say, “Hey, I feel like just hanging out all afternoon at a Coffee-shop”
or going to a lake just or just take a week off and go somewhere without having to worry about anything
would take a completely different approach to life and business than most people have.
I also realized it will take money to live that lifestyle and that is o.k.

What is it about “Conventional Wisdom” that says that when we grow up we need to be
Serious, and can't have fun anymore and we have to just do what is “normal”
(aka get a job and work until we are 65).

Why should we have to accept what “Most” people say is a fact of life?
Why can't we look instead at what you want to do, no matter what others think.
or even better
What it takes to design your life around your dreams standards and goals.

Who says you can't create enough Wealth and prosperity in your life within a few years that lasts a lifetime?

What is it that you REALLY want to do all day long.
That is a powerful question.

There is really no reason to accept life the way it is if you don't like how it is.

I believe if you want to find a way to design a life that allows you do whatever
you always dreamed about while making a GREAT living, then you can do that.

People do look at me like I am a little weird when I tell them I go to Europe
to spend time with my friends and family for 4-5 weeks each year.
But I don't care because the one having fund doing it is me, not them.
And aren't we all a little weird in our own ways, anyway?

This was a long story.
Thanks for hanging in there with me and listening to me.

So what does this have to do with this show on HBO?

Well what this HBO show reminded me of was the following.
While these guys were just hanging out, they also had a few characteristics
which I believe are crucial to their ultimate success.

– The first one is they knew WHAT they wanted.
– Second they were willing to do what it takes to get there
– Third, they have fun while going after it
– Fourth they didn't care what others said.

These guys as I saw it left Queens, NY to go to Los Angeles with one mission, and one mission only.
To make it in the Movie/TV world.
And no matter what life threw at them, they were committed to stick it out and ultimately made it work.
While at the same time having lots of fun.

And that put a big smile on my face.
Because for me that is what is all about.
Finding what juices you and what can give you what you want,
and then sticking to your life Plan no matter what, and having fun doing it.

And what really I realized is that this is ultimately how I designed my businesses.
My wife Michelle and I did this from the start with the outcome in mind that we wanted to be
able to make lots of money, put our business on autopilot so that
we could take large amounts of time off to just hang out,
go travel and hang out with friends.

Thanks to my Real Estate Businesses I am now able to go and leave the business for days and weeks at time
(the longest I was gone is 5 weeks). And when I am in my business, I am having lots of fun.

I don't know what your goals and dreams are, they are very personal to you.
But what I do know is that you should consider following them, no matter what people around you say
even if it takes some work for a short time so that you can then relax the rest of your life.
And have Fun doing it.

How cool would that be?
I can tell you from being there, nothing beats the knowledge that you can do
What you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and
not worry about much.   

So go out and do it!!
Life on the other side is indescribably good.

To your Success,

Jack Bosch

P.S. My parents just came over from Germany for the second time in 1 month and they are staying for 3 weeks.
So this will be an more or less off-month because I will spend a LOT of time with them.

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Facebook comments:

  • Fab
    Posted at 09:58h, 06 October

    I think my roadblock to getting moving on this is how cluttered my home office is. It is not very Feng Shui. If I were to clear it out and organize it, I will probably be able to get my business back on track.

  • Connie Ziegler-Wyers
    Posted at 10:18h, 06 October

    Thanks for sharing & giving us some “Food for Thought”!
    I know that I am guilty of not always staying focused on a system to achieve my goals. Looking at my office, I’d have to agree with Fab, above. Connie

  • Richard
    Posted at 10:55h, 06 October

    I think many of us share the same outlook on life. However, some of us have been worker-bees for decades with little to show for our efforts. Reading your blog simply tells us you are a down to earth type guy who has found a better way to improve your standard of living. Frankly, I am willing to listen and learn from those who have found the escape hatch from this pressure cooker we call daily life. I’m retired now, and while I’m far from rich, I am solvent, but I’d like a little more from life than struggling each day . . . investing in real estate can help. While I may not follow your every step, I do intend to include many of your ideas into my own blue-print for success. Thanks for sharing. . . .

  • Eduardo
    Posted at 12:25h, 06 October

    i need to get back in doing jacks land investment, after spending $600+ in just mailing out hundreds-plus letters and no one wanting to sell 1 property to me even when i offered way more than what jack has taught us, i got really disappointed and some what lazy, my wife was so upset i threw down thousands for this program and not have 1 property of land to show for, i know jacks program works but property owners act as if they are in a booming market and want me to pay them retail, i passed on there properties but after the 600+ mailing to out of town owners that have never seen the property since 1942 give me a break, and what frustrates me is they look at there property tax’s paper and they will say that the Assessor values the properties for example $50,000 so there property owners assume they are sitting on a property worth $50,000 and what they do not know is that the County Assessor are 2 years ahead on assessing the property not know that the market has taken dump, i tell property owners that the tax assessor is not a true assessment to property values, property have come down and comparing comps on that property the true worth of the property was $13,000 i ended up throwing my arms in the air with these property owners, so i need to get out of my lazy mode and fight again first i have to go back to my wife to justify to her why i need to throw another couple of hundreds of dollars at this program again.

    JACK BOSCH: Hi Eduardo, Call my office and schedule a call with me. I want to know more about this and how it happens you didn’t get any acceptances. That is odd. Perhaps I can give you some pointers that will help

  • Garrett
    Posted at 12:46h, 06 October


    I read your recent blog concerning the information you wanted to share with us regarding your personal background, motivation and lifestyle.

    I would not be offering my comments here except for your sincere request for feedback. Following my introduction to you via the Than Merrill conference call a few weeks ago I have been reading everything I could find on your websites, blogs, etc. with the strong possibility of registering as one of your students. I found that far more than most of the teaching pros I have reviewed, you seem sincerely focused on teaching the practical hands on techniques and information necessary to deliver attainable results. In short, your easy to understand business plan appears to offer students a clear roadmap to follow to duplicate your success.

    To date I have appreciated that your presentations have been long on content and ideas and light on the motivational hype used by so many gurus today to sell their products. While I do appreciate your background and the successful way you have incorporated your lifestyle preferences with your business; frankly, I would have been more highly motivated from your insights concerning the current land business factors compelling us to act now. I’m sure my reaction to this particular blog arises from the high value I recently have come to place on your prfessional material.

    Thank you for your efforts and the opportunity to respond. Keep up the good work. Regards, Garrett

    JACK BOSCH: I appreciate the honest post. Really. More such postings will come. I will slow down promoting other people’s stuff (although some GREAT stuff is coming up the funnel from some really good guys) and focus more on just sending (hopefully) valuable information to you guys! Some of it will be about “my insights concerning the current land business factors that hopefully will compel you to act now” (Man that was a difficult sentence. JAck

  • Augustine
    Posted at 12:58h, 06 October

    I think there is nothing wrong in your point about you but that not the way it turns out for a lot of us. In my region of the country, the Midwest, real estate is not doing that well at all. I have been blessed with a couple of homes being paid off in a couple of months but that it. I lost over 50 properties and not because of interest changes etc.., but from the government changes in properties taxes which were not expected go up over a 100%. With people unemployed lay-off or getting jobs at a lower pay scale not much is moving. Don’t matter if the government will give you $8,000.00 if you are a 1st home buyer and your credit shot. Sure their are people buying & believe me people out there “The people whom make their living only in real estate are fighting with hell to get those clients before their expenses for the month are due!! It not Michigan which is becoming a ghost state but it not moving much either.

  • al
    Posted at 13:03h, 06 October

    I like it alot and hope to follow in your footsteps.

  • Gabriel Forero
    Posted at 13:59h, 06 October

    Focus is hard to come by…I need to explode my business.

  • Emmanuel Osakwe
    Posted at 14:08h, 06 October

    After reading that story of you yesterday which you ended by informing us that your parents were visiting again from Germany for the 2nd time this year just to be with you and your family, your story resonated with me. I made a personal connection with you and I sent you an email which you probably never saw or read. In it I noted that for the first time ever, I read through a lengthy article by a Real Estate Investor that was not punctuated with commercials to pause and buy one product or another. I read through in one sweep and that is strange.

    It may seem as though you should not havev told that story of your life publicly. To me that is the best thing you have ever done for those of us whom your achievements and accomplishments have and still inspire. By that story, you have made me to understand that where you are in life today is the result of your earnest desire to be TRUE to yourself, what you wanted, who you are, how you wanted to live by making the choice of a preferred lifestyle without settling for the life imposed or proposed by conventional wisdom of others. You overcame this dragon of “what others think about you and you designed for yourself your personal mental picture of your preferred choice of a lifestyle you believe would suit you andyour family” You sought it and you found it because you literally pulled it in with your earnest desire and sincerity of purpose. Jack your story showed me that you are an authentic person, who is not ashamed to own up to who you are and build your life around that image of yourself. It made me to take the challenge to start stying my thoughts of myself around who I really am and to use that image to confront myself with who I really want to be in the days ahead without pretences. i like that honesty and genuineness.
    I want you to be my mentor and help me succeed in Real Estate Investing. Please email me and tell me you will.

    JACK BOSCH: Hey, thanks for the beautiful comment (everyone else too). How can I help you specifically to succeed in Real Estate Investing?

  • Jehane Lyle
    Posted at 16:45h, 06 October

    Hey Jack,

    I agree 100%…

    – The first one is they knew WHAT they wanted.
    – Second they were willing to do what it takes to get there
    – Third, they have fun while going after it
    – Fourth they didn’t care what others said.

    It’s about quality of life with integrity.
    I do that everyday. Thanks to you.


  • barb
    Posted at 18:00h, 06 October

    Jack, I really do not believe you are lazy. I do believe that you love to have fun (Your seminar was great fun) It is difficult to decide how to spend ones time in a day. Caring and doing for others and taking care of yourself is an endless minute to minute process day after day. For this reason I understand why you question how to spend your time. How you spend your days is how you spend your life. Love your insight, inspiration and passion. Thanks

    Hi, No, I am really fundamentally lazy. Really!
    I do enjoy what I am doing though, but I also continue to put pieces into place that allow me to stop doing whatever I am doing whenever it is not fun anymore and never have to do anything again. That having said I really don’t think it will stop being fun anytime soon.

  • Jav
    Posted at 19:20h, 06 October


    Great story. You had the courage to follow your dreams and keep focus. Come hang out in LA and I’ll be part of your Entourage!


  • Glenn
    Posted at 21:16h, 06 October


    Very well put. I share the basic ‘attitude’ that you have expressed, although I lack the specific plans and actions that would have produced the results you enjoy now. My intent is to do the same . . . and I do so look forward to the freedoms I will enjoy at that time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Dawn
    Posted at 21:40h, 06 October

    I enjoyed reading your story–contrary to thinking you are lazy (I don’t call it being lazy as much as working smarter and enjoying the journey), you are an inspiration to those of us who are still working toward the dream.

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