What the Australian Open Can Teach Us About The Importance of Coaching For Real Estate Investing and Land Flipping

What the Australian Open Can Teach Us About The Importance of Coaching For Real Estate Investing and Land Flipping

So I went to work out yesterday and in the workout roommate the club house of our subdivision, there are like 8 large TVs.

One of them showed the men’s finals at the Australian Open Tennis tournament.

And it reminded me of when back in the days I was working as a college students for some German TV Stations as a Cable boy.

Meaning I was helping set up cameras and TV Towers at Sports events and got to watch the games and on top of it was paid for it.

One time the Davis Cup came to a town nearby and I was hired to work with the TV station which meant I got to spend 3 full days around some of the BEST and Most  Successful Tennis Professionals in the world.

And while I worked out I had some time to think about what makes these guys great.

Yes, they are talented but I also noticed they had like 5 coaches around them.

Particularly Boris Becker, who at that time was #1 in the world and who I was able to hang out with and see close-up all the time for three days, constantly was checking with his coaches to get small adjustments.

I had almost forgotten about that until I saw the exact same thing yesterday.

The world’s #1 and #2 were fighting each other and you could see the coaches on the bench cheering and trying to give him secret signals on what to change.

You would think that once you are the best in the world you don’t need a coach anymore?


Without exception, every top performer in the world of Sport and Business who stayed there for a long time ALWAYS had one or many coaches.


Because the top performers who make things happen, realize that there is always space to grow.

Therefore, join my webinar on Tuesday 1/31/2012 where I join with you the secrets to making your Land Flipping and Tax Delinquent Real Estate Investing Business truly flourish in a little as 6-8 weeks.


And once you see it you will agree that I have finally cracked the code to success!!!

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