Why some people fail where others succeed…

Why some people fail where others succeed…

In an average classroom of 20 or more students, every child in the room will hear the same information, get assigned the same homework, and be expected to pass the same tests. Yet the results vary wildly, with some students getting an A+ and others being held back to repeat the course. How in the world can that be the case?

A child psychologist could give a great explanation why this situation can be observed all over the world, but most experts agree that what a child experiences at home directly affects their success in school. Included are proper nutrition, a stable family, and getting enough rest at night. But more than that, parents give their children subtle messages about their self-worth, potential, and what their life goals should be with the way they speak to and treat a child. The fact is that some kids are simply programmed to fail.

But kids aren’t the only ones programmed to fail – adults are too.

Success begins with thought, but some people have never been shown the proper way to think. They have been told to find a 9-5 job and to invest 10% of their monthly earnings into a 401k or ROTH IRA account. They have been told only a lucky few born with a silver spoon in their mouth can ever reach financial freedom – either that or they win the lottery.

Well I think that’s ridiculous, and it’s the same as programming a child to fail his spelling test. Adults need to reset their minds and un0believe the lies that they have been told. I am convinced that ANYONE – yes, ANYONE – can reach financial independence in a reasonable amount of time, 3 to 5 years for most folks. Yes, we are all at different starting points, but that doesn’t mean that the finish line can’t be reached.

The way that you have been taught to think is a habit, and habits influence the decisions you make and the person that you become. And decisions lead to results. The majority of people who are overweight need to eat less and move more. They know this and want to take better care of their health. But why don’t more people do so? Because they have allowed certain negative thoughts to create unhealthy habits – eating the wrong kinds of foods, developing a sedentary lifestyle, and so on.

Like health, success is a result. The cause? Different thinking.

To live differently, you must think differently. You must be convinced that you can be successful, no matter what anyone else has told you.


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