Why you need a system…

Why you need a system…

The value of having a system in place for your business cannot be overstated.

My friend Ty Cohen made this very clear during a conversation that I had with him the other day.

Ty sells eBooks on amazon.com, but he doesn’t write the books or design the covers himself – he farms all that out. But he has a process where he chooses the theme, finds a writer, finds a graphic designer, and then uploads the book. If any of his people should leave, he can continue without missing a beat because he has a system.

Ty compared the idea to a McDonald’s burger assembly line. You can take any 16 year old kid and plug them into the line. If a worker should leave, a replacement can quickly be found and work can continue.

That’s the kind of system that you need to develop. So whether you focus on eBooks, flipping real estate, renting out luxury cars – whatever, have a system in place that doesn’t depend on one person and can adapt to changing circumstances.


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