7 Ways to Sell Your Property Without a Realtor

7 Ways to Sell Your Property Without a Realtor

When selling a property you own and particularly a vacant piece of land most people only come up with 2 ways, either selling it through a Realtor or selling it as a FSBO, but in either case mostly they are only interested in selling the property for cash, with no financing involved on their side.

However there are dozens of additional ways that someone can sell their property without an expensive realtor fast and for good prices.


Here is just a short sample of the list of 26 ways to sell your property I have put together for anyone attending my educational workshops (see www.secretlandprofits.com)

  1. Selling through eBay and or Online Auction Sites

Selling through eBay or through an auction site like www.LiveAuctioneers.com always is a feasible way to sell your property. Ebay is the largest market of buyers and sellers in the entire world so your properties should be posted there.

  1. Selling through your own web page.
    Nowadays, setting up your own webpage is inexpensive and fast. All you need to do is hire a geek from some highschool and they can get it done for you for as little as a couple of hundred dollars. Then place your properties there and if you have some good content which attracts the search engines you should be able to sell your property with minimal cost.
  2. Give your property as a down payment for another piece of real estate.
    If your property is a vacant piece of land located in an area where it might be of interest for a small builder or other investors you can just take your piece of real estate and offer it to one of these interested parties in exchange for the down payment on one of their properties.
  1. Trade/Barter the property for services or products:
    There is a growing and large network of Barter organizations in existence in the US where you can trade everything from haircuts to Cars and construction equipment to nail spa appointments. Join one of these networks and offer your property for sale in this forum. Once you sell it, they usually give you Barter Dollars which you can then use to buy services from any other member company. So basically you convert your free and clear lot into barter dollars which buy you a hole host of products and services.
  1. Improving your Property:
    Of course one of the best ways to make your property more attractive for potential buyers is to improve it. Put in a Well, Put up a fence, Bring in a Driveway into the best place to build on the property, create a building pad on the lot, … . The possibilities are endless. With any of these you have helped remove one objection from potential buyers being able to say no. A Lot with a Well and fence and/or building pad is obviously much more desirable than just a raw piece of land. It does not cost much to do these things (except perhaps for the well) but the value spike can be massive.
  1. Donating the property:
    If done right you can actually profit a lot from donating a property you bought for pennies on the dollar to a qualified charity. I am not an Tax Attorney or CPA so this is not advise. It is just my opinion to the best of my knowledge. It is my understanding that you can donate a property and claim the full Market value of the property as write-off for your taxes against profits made If the charity you donate the property to is somewhat related to the product you are donating. Basically you have to donate a piece of real estate to a charity which has something to do with Real Estate. If you donate a price of land to the local Natural Preservation Foundation, it might work, but if you donate it to your local AIDS foundation it probably doesn’t.
  1. One way you always have and which is one of my favorite ways is to just sell the property with seller financing. This will allow you to even increase the price of the property above market value because you are offering such a deal. You can easily take a property which you bought for $1,000 and which is worth $15,000 and sell it with seller financing for $17,000 with a down payment of $2,000 carrying back a mortgage (=note) for $15,000 with payments of $200 for about 8-10 years at a nice interest rate of 10-13%. Learn more at http://www.landforpennies.com/secretsrevealed/

Particularly if you combine any of the above mentioned Selling techniques you will and should have great success selling your properties fast and with great prices.

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