Perhaps few words in the English language can get as strong a reaction as the word "debt".
  • Consumer debt makes families feel like a chuck of their their paycheck each month just disappears.
  • Debates rage about the ethical and moral implications of declaring bankruptcy.
  • Financial gurus make a big deal of cutting up credit cards on stage to "free" their audiences from the evils of owing money.
What about you? What are your thoughts on "debt"?
You already know my feelings about a college education and how it relates to making money. In fact, Chapter 6 of my book Forever Cash is titled: Education is Good - but What Kind?
If, like me, you have been closely watching the city of Detroit, then you can identify with me when I say that it has been quite a roller coaster. From mounting debt to bankruptcy to houses practically being given away, there were moments when I thought that the Motor City was done for. But this recent news article came as a pleasant surprise - Detroit is bouncing back and proving to be a stronger market than all previous estimates.
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