How Can You Sell Your Property For Huge Profits?

How Can You Sell Your Property For Huge Profits?

Once you purchased a few tax Delinquent properties you might be asking yourself how you can sell this property in a fast efficient and profitable way without having to become a realtor or jump through a lot of hoops.
Below is one, of more than a dozen ways to sell your property. You can learn about my other great selling techniques in my  CD

Selling through eBay:
What more and more people are doing is posting their properties online, at auction sites such as eBay, where you can list your properties with reserves (the minimum you're willing to let a property go) or no reserves. This is a strategy that works best with land worth between $1000 and $30,000. There are literally hundreds of properties being sold on eBay every day with this method and it is the easiest way to sell I have seen, and one of the fastest. And since you have followed my advice and taken lots of pictures during your property inspection prior to purchasing the parcel, those photos are going to come in handy for marketing your property online.

I like eBay because the speed of sale is fast. You have some control of when the sale happens because on eBay typically the bidding last seven days, ten days, or thirty days. So even if you choose thirty days, you know that after thirty days your property will have a high bidder and, if you do not have a reserve on it, you know it will be sold. You will get your investment back plus ideally a very nice profit that you can then add to your investment account and can go right away and do it again! The speed of sale is particularly important when you just start out and you don't have a lot of money in your investment account. I explain more about this and other great selling techniques in my system get a CD now at

The disadvantage of eBay is that you might not reach full market potential because most people on eBay who buy want a bargain, and so you might not get the highest possible price for your property. But think of it that way. Selling a property through a Realtor and the Multiple Listing Service can take two, three, six, eight months or more to sell. Or if you'd prefer you can sell it quickly online through eBay. For me it made sense when I started in this business (and it still does) to sell property as fast as possible because I needed my money back FAST in order to continue investing. In a three month period I was able to turn an initial investment MANY times by just buying and selling and buying and selling using the Internet, and as a result I ended up making much more money than I would have if I had held onto the original property for six months or more and sold it via a more traditional way.

To learn more about many different ways to buy and sell Tax Delinquent properties for pennies on the dollar, go to my webpage and get my detailed eGuide which also comes with lots of additional Reports and bonuses.

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