"Jack’s program really works if you’re willing to put in the time and effort ness, we just bought our second piece of land and are working on two more deals."
"This works like a charm… bought the first lot for 5K and sold it for 28K… second lot I bought for $1,700 sold it for $14,000… 3rd I bought one 5 acre lots and split it into 5 different lots and already sold 2..."
"It was really quite a simple process to sell that piece of land and I am pleased with the success I have had so far."
"I bought Jack's course in April and bought my first property April 22nd for $200 ...and turned around and sold that property for $1,499!"
"What I found is that it is an amazing program because it really does work. I've been involved in other real estate business in the past that were difficult to follow and didn't provide much for support. I have to say Jack definitely wants you to succeed. "
"Considering I paid $2,350 to buy it and I got back $8,383 at closing, that was a $6,000 profit. Not bad for my first deal! I really was surprised I did this all by just what I learned in your course. I just want to tell everyone out there that if you're looking to buy land this is an excellent course to use."
"Who would have ever thought you could buy real estate so inexpensively, good quality real estate, and then turn around and sell it for just some amazing profits."
"We started your land profit generator system in June and since then we've bought 17 properties we've been doing really really well."
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