"In six months time we have managed to accumulate 80,000 in equity and we have options on properties that will bump that number up to $187,000. We have had 3 sales, our 4 sale is pending, our buyers list is growing, and we've got our stuff marketing online on about 50 different sites. All of that is an accomplishment that we could not have done without Jack and his team."
"I sent out 100 letters, using one of the letters you have in the program and I got about a 30% response rate. My very first call was a guy that sold me 10 acres and I bought it from him for $900 and ended up selling it for $3,100, so not a bad profit for my first deal!"
"I'm down here in Bombay Florida in front of this residential lot we just bought using your system. We bought it for $425 dollars and we sold it for $5,300 and we had it sold pretty much before we actually closed on it."
"After we got your products, it really streamlined us. We really focused and were able to basically triple if not quadruple our business literally overnight! "
"I highly recommend this program 'the Land Profit Generator', it worked out very well for me for me and I was glad I did it. I hope you can take advantage of it yourself."
"In four months I have purchase 13 properties... I actually bought a property and then I turned around and sold it within a week to one of the neighbors and made $5,500."
"Jacks system really works! I just finished a deal in Texas for 6 lots that are all together and they total 5 acres..."
"I found 27 tax delinquent lots in a beautiful gated private lake and golf resort community with power, electric, water, (all utilities) for the unbelievable price of $50 a piece, I kid you not!"
"Our best deal to date, is a property that we bough for $150 and we sold it for $7,000 in less than two weeks. We actually had a number of buyers lined up to buy this thing."
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