Selling Your Real Estate on eBay

Selling Your Real Estate on eBay

In my last email I explained to you one of my many strategies and techniques for selling a property. In this email I will explain how to get maximum profit using the eBay selling strategy. For more information about this selling strategy and explanation of more great and profitable selling strategies please go to

A great way to earn maximum profit for your property is to employ seller financing through eBay by having people bid on the down payment and having a set price for the property. For example, you offer a property on eBay for $7900 with a built-in loan. The high bidder pays as $400 down payment and you finance $7500.
To get the full details of how to structure this type of sale please read my detailed eGuide at
You can create the specific terms and post them to eBay: for example, you can require full cash payment, or have the bidding be for the down payment only and you set a built in loan. Whatever you want to do, you simply state it in the auction terms. You can state that you want to have the closing be handled through a title company of your choice (First American, Talon Group, Stewart, Chicago, etc) or you can require that it be processed by you for a fee. Learn exactly how to do this at You can specify in your terms that the high bidder pays the cost of title insurance, or you can specify that title insurance and closing costs will be shared. As long as your terms are legal, you can create the deal however you want.
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