Tax Lien Investing – Interest Rate or Property Ownership

Tax Lien Investing – Interest Rate or Property Ownership

When it comes to Tax delinquent Property Investing and Tax Lien Investing in particular the investor (=you) has two choices.

  1. Does he want to go for the high interest rate offered by “Tax Lien Certificates”
  2. Does he want to go for the chance to get the property through foreclosure of the Tax Lien Certificate?

Although I personally like the Second option better and am actually a fan of yet a third way of buying tax delinquent property directly from the owner outside of auctions for as little as $100 to $500 and sell it within days for many thousands of dollars.

But back to Tax Lien Certificates. Any investor playing with the thought of investing in Tax Lien Certificates needs to decide which of the two options he will go for.

Or if the decision it to go for both, then what percentage each of them should be of your portfolio.

There are ways to increase your chances of picking a property which will go for Tax Lien Foreclosure, just like there are ways to increase your odds to pick a Tax Lien that will be redeemed in the future.

So this is not a game of luck but one of analysis and running the list of properties coming up for Tax Lien sale through a list of criteria which separate the ones highly likely to be redeemed from the ones highly likely NOT to be redeemed.

Therefore if you know what you GOAL is in this investment method you can clearly increase your odds of being successful.

The list of Criteria is too extensive to list here but go to and buy the LandForPennies eGuide available there. It lists them all and will make your life much more easy in the Tax Lien Investment Arena.


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