This stuff really works… a great response rate!

This stuff really works… a great response rate!

This week on my blog, I am sharing student testimonials that prove my programs really work. My last post was about how easy it is to get started with my programs, and this one is about how effective the methods are for getting in touch with potential sellers.

If you have ever dabbled in Direct Mail Marketing, you know that the response rate is not usually too impressive. Some sources quote .5 to 2%, while others say it can be as high at 4%.

Those numbers aren’t bad, but I’ve had students who have gotten MUCH better results – Like Julie Krommenhoek.

Julie said:

lady I sent out 100 letters, using one of the letters you have in the program and I got about a 30% response rate. My very first call was a guy that sold me 10 acres and I bought it from him for $900 and ended up selling it for $3,100, so not a bad profit for my first deal!

Did you see Julie’s response rate? It was 30%! How on Earth did she get such a high return? It all had to do with 1) getting the right list, and 2) filtering that list down according to some specific criteria.

In all of my programs, I teach my students how to get lists of motivated sellers and how to filter that list down so that you can weed out the folks who will be less likely to sell to you at a discount.

While not everyone can get such stellar numbers like Julie, you can expect an average of 7 to 15% for most mailings, which is still better that .5% by a long shot.

Mailings are often a numbers game, but why not make the odds work in your favor. Cut your learning curve and use the methods that have helped so many of my students to make big checks in a short period of time!

This stuff really works, and you can expect a GREAT response rate!

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