Truth and Sincerity

Truth and Sincerity

In Tax Delinquent Investment, You as the investor is constantly searching for the right properties to invest in to make the most return on your investment, and quickly. You are looking for a specific type of seller. The type you will most likely be dealing with are the ones who have made up their minds that they're going to let the property go, they're going to stop paying the property taxes and give up the property for the taxes owed. It's going to take years for that property to come up for auction, and during those years a lot of back taxes, interest, fees, and penalties are going to pile up, more than you want to. If you get hold of that person NOW, you’re often the only person who has contacted this person about his or her piece of land, and they're often more than happy to sell it to you for just about anything you offer. All these can be done without being a dirty rotten scoundrel. In this business, it is not odd to be in a “win-win” situation. Everybody can benefit in good spirits.

That’s why it’s important that you get to talk to the seller first hand. This way you can establish some sort of a business relationship and maybe a bit of personal one, too. Beating everybody to the seller will lead you to pertinent detail about the property and an opportunity to get ahead of the pack of wolves, all hungry for good investment opportunities. When you finally get the seller in your camp, remember to ask them about the area, the surroundings, the utilities available and even the repairs or modifications done during their ownership of the property. This way you can check out if the area fits your preference and worth your money or you should back off because you’ll end up spending more to fix it.

After weighting the Pros and Cons for each prospective Tax Delinquent property and you find that the Pros outweigh the Cons, then these might be the properties that you would like to invest in. Remember you have an advantage because not only do you want the property the seller wants to get rid off, you also have started building a relationship with this seller. Build rapport with the seller so that the deal will go smooth sailing. People like dealing with people they like, meaning they will do business with you if they like you. Show them your personality and be real with them and you will profit in the end. Show your interest on the property with respect and they will remember you are sincere. If your intentions are right and you don't plan to cheat them out of a deal, then it will show through. In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, Profit is your reward for Truth and Sincerity.

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