Who Else Knows About These Secrets

Who Else Knows About These Secrets

Hi this is Jack Bosch from http://www.landforpennies.com/secretsrevealed/ with my newest weekly tip.

In today’s investment Tip, let me share a success story of one of our very first deals AFTER we had figured out this system on how to buy properties for as little as $100.00 and sell them days later for $10,000, $20,000 and even more than that. If you ever wondered how something like that could be possible, you need to buy the online guide NOW at http://www.landforpennies.com/secretsrevealed/


One of the very first pieces of property we bought was a small vacant lot in a nice town in NE Arizona. Our research told us that most likely the seller had let it go for taxes because it would not “perk,” meaning it would not pass a percolation test. If a lot is not connected to a city sewer, it needs to have a septic tank. In order to test the soil for suitability to a septic tank system, they dig holes into the ground, add water, and measure how quickly the water drains into the ground. If it drains fast enough it passes the test. Fairly rocky land often does not pass the test, but there is no sure way of telling by sight. One lot might pass while the lot right next to it might not, yet the one on the other side might. It’s always a risk with land, but since you’re only buying and selling it’s not of your concern as much as if you were developing the land. In this case, we contacted the owner using the techniques I am describing in my guide http://www.landforpennies.com/secretsrevealed/

We bought the property after the seller told us, “Yes, I’m giving it away. Just give me whatever you think it is worth to you, I don’t care.” Then he continued: “This lot doesn’t perk, so I would have to install instead of a standard septic system of $3000, an alternative one which costs $15,000, and I don’t want to do that.” So I am just giving up on this lot. You can have it for let’s say $400. Do you want it?” This is a perfect example of an owner who had reason to let his land go to tax lien procedures. After checking the real value of lots in that area, we called him back and said YES!!! After we purchased it, we went to place a for-sale sign on the property and, while we were there, the neighbors approached us and right there on the spot made us an offer for $4000 and were ready to pay us. They invited us for lunch, showed us their home and farm, and even gave us a basket of vegetables to take home in addition to the $4000.00. At first it was not obvious to us, why would this sweet couple want this lot so badly, but turns out they owned 40 acres nearby and our lot would allow them much easier access to their land than they had had. They wanted to use the lot basically as a driveway onto the land their farm animals used for grazing. This property was a godsend for them because it finally solved their access problem to their land.

To some of you reading this, $3600 CASH profit ($4,000 minus the $400 we paid for it) doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering that it took us $400.00 and an afternoon of driving to generate $3600.00 in Profits, I think it was a GREAT DEAL. And we still gratefully do deals in this price range, although we have expanded into much bigger deals as well, all of which you can learn from the detailed step-by-step instructions in my guide http://www.landforpennies.com/secretsrevealed/

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  • Stephen
    Posted at 12:19h, 13 February

    I have some training in this niche investing. Calling Planning Departments, asking them questions about the property.

  • Dorothea Dykes
    Posted at 06:13h, 25 April


    I have seen the value of doing these types of deals and I will probably do these types of deals in the future. Thank you for continuing to keep me up to date and clued in on the secrets you and those I have been in touch with through your efforts and invitations. Your friendship is priceless. Its impossible to put into words my gratitude for your invaluable business information and business intelligence.

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