You Reap What You Sow

You Reap What You Sow

A farmer knows when the best time to plant his crops. He knows when to cultivate it, fatten and water his land. He also knows when to stop and just maintain a watchful eye in safeguarding the crops. He also knows when he will harvest. If he was a diligent farmer, he knows that he will practically reap a copious amount of produce. The lesson here is; you reap what you sow. Just as in farming it hast to start from a seedling. In Tax Delinquent Investment, this seedling is when you find a property you are looking to invest int. That is where it all comes from.


Once you have found your seedling (delinquency list), you would have to nurture it before you even think of putting it in the open field. To ensure a prosperous crop you must filter down your list and weed out any unwanted parcels. You contact the tax delinquent owners and let them know of your interest with their land. This is when you open the communication lines between you and your seller. You have to do this right for it to grow properly. You have to know how to handle these seedlings to prevent all your hard work from not making it to full bloom. Once it’s been planted in the open field, now you have to make sure its growth will happen. You have to make sure it has enough water, enough sunlight, not too much and the pests and insects stay away or are not going to eat your plant away. This is when you build and maintain a personal and trusting relationship with your seller. In the Tax Delinquent Investment business, this is when you solidify your relationship with the owner/seller. This is when you make sure that they have given you their full trust and confidence. You seedling is transforming into a mature plant. You relationship with your seller has matured into a trusting relationship. Not too long from this point, your plant will start to show signs of bearing fruits. This is when you have made a fair price offer for the tax delinquent property and negotiations have begun. When you and the owner finally agree to a price you are both satisfied with, that is when the fruit will finally come to its full fruition. Now you have a fruit. Sometimes harvesting too soon will not make good produce. You still have to allow it to sit on its branch as it’s ripening. You would want to wait for the perfect time to harvest. This is when you, as the tax delinquent investor, are shopping around for an interested buyer, figuring how much you will sell the property for and starting to interview interested parties for your property. You can’t wait too long either. Just like fruits left too long on its branch, it will just fall off the tree and rot on the ground. You know when you have reached harvest time, as you try to pick a perfect fruit of the tree, it is ripe and sweet, just like the sweet taste of success when you finally cash in on your tax delinquent property.


It is common sense that we should know our abilities and capacities in cashing in on a Tax Delinquent Investment deal. If you happen to be interested in harvesting a sweet ripe return on your investment, you should know these simple yet essential steps in planting and harvesting a fortune. As you can see, you are a farmer of fortune and there’s a big wide-open area waiting to be ploughed. In Tax Delinquent Investment, you definitely reap what you sow.

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