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It’s not easy being a leader. But you already know that. That’s why you’re reading this blog. You know the challenges that come with making the tough decisions, and you’re okay with them. You don’t want to hand control of your life over to a boss any more. You want to live for yourself. I feel the same way.

Here's a great article reprint- just in time for tax season! Tracking -- and Maximizing -- Your Dining Write-Offs Using dining expenses as tax write-offs is one of the most commonly underutilized deductions by small business owners. Business dining is critical for networking, money-making and plain “doing business.”...

As part of our “What can we learn from” series, this week I wanted to talk about Bill Gates, who this year reclaimed the number one spot on Forbes’ list of billionaires. You probably already know that Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most aggressive defenders of copyrighting software. But what you might not know is that Bill used some pretty tricky methods to get his first stab at success.
In my book Forever Cash, I stress the importance of getting a hold on your finances. In fact, I gave Chapter 8 a somewhat controversial title: “Your job income has nothing to do with your financial success.” In that chapter, I tried to help my readers to understand that simply making more money is one way to help your situation but learning how to manage your money is even more important. You probably know some of the methods that I teach. One of them playing a good offense by reducing your monthly spending (without adversely affecting the quality of your life). But before you can make any sort of changes you need to have a good idea of what your budget is – and of what it could be.
What can we learn from the life of Warren Buffet? In today’s post I wanted to have a look at Warren Buffet the businessman. Although each person’s life choices might stir up a little bit of controversy now and then, I wanted to focus on the lessons that we can learn from his business choices and how we can put them into practice.
Twenty years ago, it was almost unthinkable that music technology could progress beyond the compact disk, and it was just as hard to imagine that movies and TV shows could be watched on demand and that books could be transmitted wirelessly to handheld devices. But here we are, in the year 2014, and all of those vague ideas are stark realities. So what's next? According to some, the next big revolution in technology is 3D printing. If - as they predict - the price of 3D printing drops enough for the average consumer to buy their own printing systen, then instead of purchasing coffee makers and fishing reels online, we will simply download the plans and make them ourselves at home.

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There is any number of unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of those in financial trouble. Be wary of anyone who promises to lower your interest rate, get rid of your debts or otherwise wave a magic wand that’ll fix your money problems. In particular, keep an eye out for:
A “Proof of concept” is a way to show that an idea or method really works. You might not believe your neighbor who says that he can run his truck on old french fry grease, but after you see his gasoline bill drop to zero his claim is a little more credible - and has probably piqued your curiosity somewhat. When you first signed up for one of my programs, you were probably pretty excited about the possibilities, right? You heard testimonials, you saw how easy my methods are, and you were rearing to go. But let me ask you: how has it gone for you? Have you found the success you hoped for?
Some 16 million Americans have their paycheck tied in some way to the minimum wage. Many employers use the Federal minimum wage as a sort of measuring stick with which they hand out raises and bonuses. From time to time, a debate rages in Washington DC about teh merits of raising the minimum wage. Some politicians feel that while workers will benefit the national economy will not, and jobs will be eliminated. Others feel that the effect will be neutral or even beneficial.

Passive income is a beautiful thing. You get money over and over for having made a wise investment at some point in the past. One idea that has been popular with both myself and many of my students is purchasing a nice house and then renting it out. In fact, this method is what kept me in the black during the recent financial crisis.

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